Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh, Conor Oberst

Hey hey!

Last spotted together at Alex Chui's art show in Anaheim, H.Davies and yours truly reunited once again last Saturday for the Sunset Junction Street Fair in Silverlake. Was it totally fabulous and filled to the gills with celebrities? Hell ya!!

Picture list of the stars:

Nicole Sullivan

Kid (from Kid n Play)

and an Eric Wareheim look-alike (not the actor/director pictured above, but very close in resemblance.)

Of course, as much as everyone delights in star gazing among the grill smoke of bacon-wrapped hotdogs (an L.A. staple, unfortunately), the definitive reason for our visit (read: Hyo's visit) was Conor Oberst. Aka, Mr. Davies.

I managed to take foto of Conor on stage. The darkness suits his brooding personality, I think.

On our way out the gates, and in keeping with the rather nefarious lighting & lustful wants of Ms. Davies, our attentions were caught by a very intriguing performance given by a puppet and his puppeteer.

Gots the melodrama fever.

Bottom Line: Unless you're excited about the scheduled bands, the $20 entry price is too steep for boredom you will endure. Skip out next year. The booths were uninspiring, sans counting Am Appy's. They were giving away tank tops and t-shirts that read "Legalize Gay". Straight up.

Sunset Junction Street Fair

3700-4300 Sunset Blvd
4000-4200 Santa Monica Blvd

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lost in translation

a little over a year ago i went to this tiger translate thing featuring cyndi seui and reuben wu of ladytron.

i went to another one the other saturday. it was the big 2008 finale that promised thai indie heaven and new young pony club. @ old danneramid! the theme park of our youth! (now an empty lawn with a not-so-big fake castle)

dragged moses along w/ me and we met up with tippy. i missed nypc and only came in time for paradox, scrubb & flure.

tippy didn't miss nypc though!

but it was mostly this dark hot mass of not-drunk-enough fullness.

it got lamer when cops made them turn down the sound system.

so we decided the night couldn't be over and ran over to ekamai for happy monday. (which was then closed because electricity went out due to a nearby fire @ the yakiniku place) so in our desperation we ended up at JET.

pretending to have fun at jet. actually we were just drunk off the long islands.

lamest night in (recent) history. splat!
(photos courtesy of tippy)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

singing and dancing

so we went to see what it was all about

partied in singapore with the work kids
we spent one night walking around from bar to club to club
both nights ended in zouk zouk zouk! (and street food)

tektonik crew

discovered that as a general rule, you have to be immensely drunk or high on something to be able to take in the trance, or at least that's what i assumed the music was. i had a surprisingly good time indeed. wanted to keep going all night, like in europe.

17 Jiak Kim Street

Monday, November 10, 2008

dragging it on...

i've been out of the loop lately with nightlife. last friday was the first time in a while that i'd gotten smashed. i also don't know if this is confidential information i shouldn't be posting, but damn, the company party was pretty hilarious. don't know what this says about spreading the stereotype of thai entertainment though!

featuring Dreamgirls...

ps. these men work with me!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

rice: an exclusive dish

This summer Tippy made a movie called "Rice" and we helped her out for a weekend. Fun times involving a flat tire and coming up with anorexic poses, as "Noon" (main girl played by Prayer) is supposed to be anorexic. I am sure those trying to lose weight will be inspired after seeing Prayer's collarbone in this movie. If it is ever released at a theatre near you we will let you know!

scale and bones

make up

trying to make black eyes for the sickly look

light as "Noon"

location: DLV

Friday, August 15, 2008


During the layover from/in hell, I took this photo in front of some sort of auditorium in downtown Phoenix. This was also just about the only interesting find that night (other than Hooters which had cheap beer).

I have much better luck when it comes to music.

While working on the mixtape, I remembered this cover of The Beatle's Money by The Flying Lizards (heard briefly in The Wedding Singer movie). For some reason this song always makes me think of Billy Idol but I don't even know any of his songs!

The Flying Lizards - Money (That's What I Want)
More on them later. I'm doing some research and careful listening. I think they're pretty amazing and possibly some of the best music to come out of the 80s.

I also recently stumbled across this very awkward version of Santogold's I'm A Lady. Amanda Blank's rapping is worth GIGGLES as it feels very outdated (borderline cheesy) 90's but you just can't deny that I'm a lady--at least the original version--is The Pixies but better so this version can't be all that bad.

Santogold/Diplo - I'm A Lady (Feat. Amanda Blank)
ps. it also took 3 heads to get one line out of barely intelligible Santi White in this song: "I know how to spin magic, reel it out. Try to hold the light to me." (you should tell me your interpretation of the second part of the chorus, too)

While cruising Myspace--something which I rarely do nowadays, I revisited an old obsession of mine, Feist! I was very disappointed by her Sesame Street debut and wished she could've counted higher than 4 (where were 5, 6, 9, and 10!), but my confidence in her was restored upon discovering Rubies in her Top Friends. I can't really tell where they are from, but maybe they're based in CA. This particular track is a Whitest Boy(Girl) Alive with the electroguts of Lykke Li. What do you know, they're not even Scandinavian. Just kidding...I think some of them are.

Rubies - Stand In A Line
Check out those lines on their faces...makes me think someone had a hand in the Feist Mushaboom music video!

Friday, August 1, 2008

ouch, new york!

my legs hurt a lot from walking. i think i'm going to have to get used to it since i am selling my car and moving. but before i peace out of the country, i had one last hurrah on the other coast.

i've been walking because i'm in new york. yesterday i walked around in flatiron, chinatown, and little italy before heading through noho & soho to the village where i walked up and down bleecker street looking for the infamous magnolia only to find, after meeting up with jdang, that their cupcakes were dense and DRY. this would have been unacceptable if not for the light and fluffy frosting that really was superior as was the banana pudding laurie recommended. then we walked some more through meatpacking district to chelsea pier and ended up at pier 66 where we drank beer on a barge called "Frying Pan" and ate amazing garlic fries--the garlic fries craze extended to today when we made them by ourselves at home in the "frydaddy" deep fryer/(ice) bucket.

our gracious hosts jess & z

you can also see new jersey from the frying pan. i didn't think it'd be so lit up.


there was also apparently a waterfall by the brooklyn bridge
actually, it's just part of the nyc waterfalls project by Olafur Eliasson. I'm not sure exactly what it's supposed to do, but my guess (after first dissing the idea as a sort of expensive landscaping project) might be something about oxygenating the water so that it's more friendly to aquatic life. pretty cool right?