Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh, Conor Oberst

Hey hey!

Last spotted together at Alex Chui's art show in Anaheim, H.Davies and yours truly reunited once again last Saturday for the Sunset Junction Street Fair in Silverlake. Was it totally fabulous and filled to the gills with celebrities? Hell ya!!

Picture list of the stars:

Nicole Sullivan

Kid (from Kid n Play)

and an Eric Wareheim look-alike (not the actor/director pictured above, but very close in resemblance.)

Of course, as much as everyone delights in star gazing among the grill smoke of bacon-wrapped hotdogs (an L.A. staple, unfortunately), the definitive reason for our visit (read: Hyo's visit) was Conor Oberst. Aka, Mr. Davies.

I managed to take foto of Conor on stage. The darkness suits his brooding personality, I think.

On our way out the gates, and in keeping with the rather nefarious lighting & lustful wants of Ms. Davies, our attentions were caught by a very intriguing performance given by a puppet and his puppeteer.

Gots the melodrama fever.

Bottom Line: Unless you're excited about the scheduled bands, the $20 entry price is too steep for boredom you will endure. Skip out next year. The booths were uninspiring, sans counting Am Appy's. They were giving away tank tops and t-shirts that read "Legalize Gay". Straight up.

Sunset Junction Street Fair

3700-4300 Sunset Blvd
4000-4200 Santa Monica Blvd

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lost in translation

a little over a year ago i went to this tiger translate thing featuring cyndi seui and reuben wu of ladytron.

i went to another one the other saturday. it was the big 2008 finale that promised thai indie heaven and new young pony club. @ old danneramid! the theme park of our youth! (now an empty lawn with a not-so-big fake castle)

dragged moses along w/ me and we met up with tippy. i missed nypc and only came in time for paradox, scrubb & flure.

tippy didn't miss nypc though!

but it was mostly this dark hot mass of not-drunk-enough fullness.

it got lamer when cops made them turn down the sound system.

so we decided the night couldn't be over and ran over to ekamai for happy monday. (which was then closed because electricity went out due to a nearby fire @ the yakiniku place) so in our desperation we ended up at JET.

pretending to have fun at jet. actually we were just drunk off the long islands.

lamest night in (recent) history. splat!
(photos courtesy of tippy)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

singing and dancing

so we went to see what it was all about

partied in singapore with the work kids
we spent one night walking around from bar to club to club
both nights ended in zouk zouk zouk! (and street food)

tektonik crew

discovered that as a general rule, you have to be immensely drunk or high on something to be able to take in the trance, or at least that's what i assumed the music was. i had a surprisingly good time indeed. wanted to keep going all night, like in europe.

17 Jiak Kim Street