Tuesday, September 25, 2007

tiger translate

the monthly dudesweet event with cyndi seui & a dj set by reuben wu of ladytron (it got too outdated-electro/boring towards the end). contrary to popular beliefs, cyndi seui is not a woman but a man named cesar b. de guzman and friends.

karen k makes a vocal cameo

all the sweaty kids to came to listen

and dance, of course.

joan & ohlek + the infamous abanico from el corte ingles

effing crowded

a muse sighting in the multitude

i'm pretty sure he gets paid to shake ass.
felt pretty awkward comparing him to ibiza dancers in cages and stages.

on the right behind the "dancer", drunk dj air

i couldn't decide whether it was convenient or lame that all they sold was tiger beer

but there were lots of tiger beer, which became...

reuben wu of ladytron

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