Friday, April 25, 2008

souvenir for h.f. davies


it's a ladies' night

very pregnant lady on digeridoo (sp?)
husband picked up her gear and they left
immediately after her performance

heavy debate on whether this keyboardist was a man
verdict: (wo)man hence "electrogals"

the lawn chair, a very strong drink
they also make a mean grilled artichoke/gruyere/romesco sandwich

people do dance here

highlight of the night: cheetah finesse

1001 se morrison
hawthorne district

the kids come out

went to see what nights are like in portland.

saw holy sons

and scout niblett

towards the end she broke out into no scrubs (the TLC one)
and "we're all gonna die...." (that song that jens lekman covered,
also one that you wouldn't want to play if you're in a car i'm driving)

to be quite honest, the music was sleepy and so-so,
but the kids were into it--they seemed grateful.

Doug Fir Lounge

@ the Jupiter Hotel
830 E Burnside
Hawthorne District, TriMet no.20

ps. checked back and the song is called "Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death"
personally i prefer the JL version.