Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lost in translation

a little over a year ago i went to this tiger translate thing featuring cyndi seui and reuben wu of ladytron.

i went to another one the other saturday. it was the big 2008 finale that promised thai indie heaven and new young pony club. @ old danneramid! the theme park of our youth! (now an empty lawn with a not-so-big fake castle)

dragged moses along w/ me and we met up with tippy. i missed nypc and only came in time for paradox, scrubb & flure.

tippy didn't miss nypc though!

but it was mostly this dark hot mass of not-drunk-enough fullness.

it got lamer when cops made them turn down the sound system.

so we decided the night couldn't be over and ran over to ekamai for happy monday. (which was then closed because electricity went out due to a nearby fire @ the yakiniku place) so in our desperation we ended up at JET.

pretending to have fun at jet. actually we were just drunk off the long islands.

lamest night in (recent) history. splat!
(photos courtesy of tippy)

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