Thursday, July 24, 2008

Elefante y Serpiente go to the Hammer

Yeah, Devendra.

I know that weeks ago I denounced his band's songs as a compilation of witless antics. Was I wrong to have said the truth? Yeah. Seeing IO Echo and The Duke Spirit at the Hammer last week left both Tanyawan and I yearning for the lightheartedness of Devendra. Another dick skirt. Another projection screen feeding images of a naked and enormously endowed Banhart jumping on a trampoline. He was so fun.

Here's what IO Echo looked like:

The music sounded like any old mess you can craft from a guitar, bass, set of drums, and singer inspired by karen-o before Karen has even left the scene. Plus, they annoyed T1 by starting over an hour late, well after her buzz had begun to fade. Even Megapuss started within the hour they were scheduled. Pssh.

And here's what The Duke Spirit looked like:

The difference being that the lead singer was actually pretty cute because she had so much energy and played three minor instruments. I felt like I was watching the incarnation of Nico and Mick Jagger's secretly conceived love child. Nevertheless, as soon as the band's performance ended we left.

This all might sound like we had an awful time. Waiting for what would be mindlessly uninspiring bands, regretting having talked shit on Devendra's band, (new information:) standing behind obscenely tall people who planted their frames right in front of eency-weency Tanyawan with no intention of moving. But, yeah, it was the opposite, we kinda enjoyed our night. It was the kind of situation where you think, What better way could I have spent my evening? And the answer is, "None," which is satisfying.

Also, if you were keeping score, IO Echo and The Duke Spirit have 0 pts. Devendra has 11-- one for every dick. I have 1pt for posting. Tanyawan had 3pts when we left the Hammer, though it went down to 2 by the end of the night. She got 1pt for remembering to bring her camera, 1 for buying beers, and 1 for suggesting we eat something, but I had to retract that last point because the food wasn't very good. She had too many pts anyway.

the duke spirit

io echo