Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moonlighting tonight

Hello. I was asked by Tanyawan to write about tonight's show at the Hammer featuring Megapuss, otherwise known as Devendra Banhart's new band. They were drunk, they didn't know their own lyrics at times, they had a 45-minute set, and though Tanyawan went primarily to see Natalie Portman (which she did! in the bathroom! and then another time standing behind me, she says!) – I think we found greatest enjoyment in comparing statements Prayer had made in text messages that didn't coincide with what she had told each of us individually. Turns out Prayer really DID like the Sex and the City movie. Liar!

Anyway, here's video of the marginally half-assed Megapuss with Devendra (in black) wearing a pretty funny dick skirt:

Familiar faces were in attendance.

Lila and Jenny from the Cumsluts.

I was so happy to see them. When Lila entered the courtyard she looked exactly like Shoshana, my mother, who as we all know is currently in Israel. I told her this and she said she was glad she could be a consolation sister.

I also saw two of Janice's Cal Arts friends. Didn't talk to them, 'cause, you know, I don't know them. We've been introduced but have never spoken to each other without Janice functioning as the compressed-oil filling that joins together geographically disparate cookies, connecting people until scrapped from her position, unceremoniously so, by Prayer's bottom teeth.

I'm done.

PS – Tanya1 brought me a muffin from the café where she works. Also, she really liked the band, I should mention. Particularly the Duck People song. It was sung by a little brown guy who you can see a little bit of in the video. He yelled something like, Duck people don't shop at Wholefoods for humus, they shop at Trader Joe's. "Fuck Whole Foods!"

I'll leave you with Tanyawan's online-singles video before it hits

Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd

the cumsluts

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